The PI Guy YouTube Channel has HUNDREDS of FREE private investigator training videos for your viewing and learning pleasure. Videos cover all facets of the private investigations business to help run your private investigator business and to market yourself as a private investigator. From conducting surveillance to running TSCM bug sweeps, the channel is bound to have something to interest and educate you.

Who is the PI Guy?

I would like to introduce myself. My name is John Morris; I am a licensed professional private investigator in Colorado. I created The PI Guy YouTube Channel in 2020.  I have always had a passion for helping educate new and aspiring private investigators, which drove me to create The PI Guy Channel. Having gone through the struggles of being a newbie to the private investigations industry when I first became a PI in 2008, I knew the challenges every new PI faced could seem impossible. I also know it is almost impossible to find relevant assistance as a new Private Investigator and grow a profitable private investigations business. 

PREMIUM Private Investigator Training Video Options!

If you are ready to take the plunge and move forward with your private investigations business, check this out. I have even more great private investigator training opportunities for you. While my premium private investigations training opportunities are not free, While not free, I have made them affordable to everyone. I am not in the get-rich-quick business; I want to provide you with the opportunities I never had when I wanted to know how to become a private investigator.

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Private Investigator Training Books!

Besides great private investigator training videos, I also have private investigator books regarding the private investigations business. From business basics for private investigators to marketing for private investigators, and from private investigation service sales to writing your private investigator contract, I have captured my knowledge in print for you to benefit from.

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