I am excited to announce that my latest course, Mastering Investigative Reports, has just been released! I have had many requests and questions on the PI Guy Channel regarding writing private investigation reports so I made this course to help address those questions.


Writing reports may seem simple, and in many ways, it is, but doing simple things is not always the right way. Your private investigator report not only tells the story about your investigation but also directly reflects on you as a private investigator and your private investigations company.

I knew little about writing investigative reports when I started as a PI in 2008. But I did know how to write business reports, and I was able to bring those skills over into the PI world.

This course includes 1.5 hours of instruction and nine downloadable resources, such as report templates and a certification of completion once completed.

This course covers the intricacies and details of private investigators’ investigative reports. It covers many types of reports, how to write them effectively, what your report needs and should not have, and how to tell your investigation story with photos.

You can expect a professional presentation covering the mission of your investigative report, the elements of an investigation report, and what your private investigators’ report should include and not include and why.

The course covers basic summary reports to in-field time-line reports used for surveillance and insurance investigation. We use many sample reports from real-world reports in our private investigations business.

Report formatting and the importance of using photos to tell your investigative story are also covered.

As with all professions, it is vital that reports are done professionally, and the private investigations industry is no different. This course is designed to keep you from falling into the traps many investigators fall into that make their reports sub-par. Your report tells the story of your investigation and about who you are as a professional private investigator. Don’t let your reports tell the wrong story about you!

Click HERE for more information on this private investigator training course. 


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