John Morris / Author / Private Investigator / Business Entrepreneur

I joined the professional private investigations industry in 2008 and have never looked back. After spending decades working for corporate America, making millionaires millions, I decided it was time to utilize the vast skills I had gained to help others. Along with big business, marketing, advertising, and sales knowledge, I also spent fourteen years serving my community with the city of Evans, Colorado. During my fourteen years with the City of Evans, I held the positions of Planning Commissioner, Vice-Chairman for the planning commission, and Chairman for the planning commission. I then became City Councilman, Mayor-Pro-Tem, and ultimately Mayor for two terms.

In 2020 I started the YouTube Channel (The PI Guy) to help educate new and aspiring private investigators. I have had a passion for training all my life, and I enjoy assisting others in meeting their professional and personal goals. In 2020 I also released my first book, Business Basics for Private Investigators – The Evolution of a PI Business. This was the first in my series, How to Become a Private Investigator, which also includes Marketing Basics for Private Investigators – How to Compete as a PI and Sales Basics for Private Investigators – Proven Sales Strategies for PIs. 

My most popular book is Contracts for Private Investigators – Secrets No One Else Will Tell You. This book will walk you step by step as you write and create your private investigator’s contract. Writing your contract allows you to customize the agreement to your specific private investigations business and services provided. Multiple free contract templates are also included, which can be copied and used for your private investigator business.

 I have also created the Private Investigators Case Management Journal. This is based on the system I still use today to help me manage my entire caseload. I release a new version yearly to ensure every PI using it can maintain annual records of their case notes.

Contracts for Private Investigators
Secrets No One Else Will Tell You

CREATE Your private investigator contract using the REAL contract samples included inside this fantastic book!

Inside Contracts for Private Investigators!

  • SECRETS No one else will tell you about PI contracts
  • REAL Sample Contracts you can use today!
  • Simple Step by Step instructions to guide you!
  • Answers to your questions about contracts!
  • Differences between Simple Contracts and FULL Contracts!
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Business Basics for Private Investigators
The Evolution of a PI Business

Uncover the SIMPLE PROCESS of how to start a private investigations business with this easy-to-understand and follow-along book.


  • The six most common steps for business accounting for PIs
  • Why it is vital to create a private investigation business name that fits your own business
  • The truth about the importance of Private Investigator licensing & Private Detective licensing
  • The surprising reality between T.V., the media, and real life as a PI
  • The secrets of the 4 primary types of business entities
  • Discover the differences between Liability Insurance and Surety Bonds
  • Simple steps to defining your Target Market
  • 25 Exciting types of investigative services you can offer
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Marketing Basics for Private Investigators
How to Compete as a PI

Have you been struggling with the challenges of marketing your Private Investigations Business? Does the stress leave you overwhelmed with more questions than answers?


    • 35 Advertising Mediums to consider for your business
    • 25 Investigative Services you can offer your clients
    • How your Marketing plan can increase your business’s profitability
    • What your marketing plan must include being successful
    • Realistic methods to set and reach attainable goals for your business
    • The importance of tactical planning in your marketing plan
    • The secrets of marketing strategies
    • Discover the value of measuring and evaluating your marketing plans success
    • Uncomplicated steps to creating your business marketing plan
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Sales Basics for Private Investigators
Proven Sales strategies for PIs

Imagine having a simple step-by-step process that walks you through proven, simple, and easy sales techniques and strategies that will work for you and your private investigator business for years to come, in an easy-to-understand format that is written for new and seasoned private investigation professionals.


  • How to create a CUSTOM rate sheet for your company
  • 14 MUST ask questions for your customers
  • The importance of selling by the job, not the hour
  • Proven and Practical phone sales techniques
  • How to effectively close the sale on the phone
  • Contract basics to solidify the sale
  • When and how to effectively follow up with your prospective clients

Private Investigators Case Management Journal

This is NOT JUST A JOURNAL! This HARDCOVER Journal is CUSTOM DESIGNED for Private Investigators by a Private Investigator for you to use as your Case Management System. I know getting started as a PI creates a lot of challenges and struggles. This system is designed to help you manage your day-to-day investigations and maintain proper records. The Private Investigators Case Management Journal includes everything you need to manage your PI Business’s day-to-day operations. 

* Customer Contacts
* Mileage Records
* Case Information Logs(Dedicated space to make notes for all of your cases!)
* Annual Goals
* Important Dates & Information Section
* Weekly Task / To-Do List
* TWO-YEAR Calendars with U.S. Holidays
* Sample Witness Statement Form
* Sample Client Intake Form
* Sample Incident Investigation Form
* Sample Auto Accident Investigation Form
* United States Time Zone Map
* Comprehensive Metric Conversion Chart
* 6 X 9-inch notebook/journal
* Cover printed with a durable matte finish
Check out the Private Investigators Case Management Journal HERE!