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Premium Private Investigator Training Opportunities

While my YouTube videos have a  great deal of helpful advice and free private investigator training, it is often difficult to get the whole message out quickly. As you might imagine, private investigator training can be quite complex, given the nature of working in the legal industry. I created my premium private investigator training videos with this in mind and with consideration regarding your time and financial investment. I have tried to make them affordable and consumable by breaking the courses down into shorter segments which you can watch at your leisure when your schedule allows.

Not only are my premium private investigator training videos affordable, easy to understand and follow along with, and easy to consume, but these courses are also yours for life! That is right; once you purchase the course, it will be available for you to view and review as many times as you want as long as it remains available. 

And that is not all! Upon completion of my premium courses, you will be given an exam, yes, a test, to prove your knowledge of the training video topic. Upon successfully completing the exam, you can download your certificate of completion to display on your wall for all to see proudly.

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An Introduction to Technical Surveillance Counter Measurers is an entry-level course that discusses the fundamentals of TSCM, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, aka BUG Sweeps. The course is designed to give the student a good knowledge of what technical surveillance countermeasures bug sweeps entail and what equipment is necessary.

If you want to learn more about the TSCM industry, if you are thinking of hiring someone to conduct a bug sweep, or if you have ever just wondered what it takes to do a competent TSCM bug sweep to find hidden spy equipment like cameras and audio records then this course is meant for you.
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This course has six primary topics. These topics resonate with me as I look back many years ago to when I started as a Private Investigator. Few resources were available to the new private investigator, and even fewer veteran private detectives were willing to give up their secrets to potential competitors.

This course is a simple guide that will walk you through, step by step, as you set up your new private investigator business. From choosing a name for your business to what licenses you will need. From how to set your PI hourly rate to contract essentials. From retainer calculations to working with clients. This class has everything you need to get you up and run your new private investigations business.
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Have you ever wondered how you could become a private investigator? And have you ever asked yourself what you can do as a private investigator? Have you ever thought, “Is it possible for me to become a private investigator?” If you have said yes to any of those questions, I assure you that you are not alone.

My course, How to Become a Professional Private Investigator, will cover some critical areas as you consider this journey into the PI profession. We will be covering the following topics.

– Pros to Becoming a Private Investigator – As with all professions, there are upsides and downsides you must consider. In this segment, we will look at all of the good reasons to consider a career as a professional private investigator

– Cons to Becoming a Private Investigator – This segment takes a hard look at the downsides and the challenges of becoming a PI.

– Private Investigator Licensing Laws & Requirements – What do you need to be a private investigator legally?

– What Does a PI Do – We will deeply investigate the many investigations a private investigator may conduct.

– Ethics for Private Investigators – The most critical focus for every private investigator is maintaining ethics as part of the profession.
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