Contracts For Private Investigators

CREATE Your private investigator contract using the REAL contract samples included inside this amazing book!

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Knowing how to start a private investigator business with a rock-solid contract that protects you and your private investigation business is key to success.

Imagine having the perfect contract for every client and every investigation! Discover TODAY how you can create customized contracts for your private investigation business.

Never feel stressed out again, wondering if your contract covers all of the bases for your PI business and your client’s needs.

Imagine having a simple step-by-step process that walks you through writing out the details for each of your private investigator’s business lines and investigation types.

Utilizing decades of business and government experience combined with over a decade as a trainer and leader in the Private Investigations profession, highly respected public and industry leader, John Morris, provides an easy-to-understand, step-by-step walk-through process to help you write your very own private investigations contracts.

Inside Contracts for Private Investigators!

  • SECRETS No one else will tell you about PI contracts
  • REAL Sample Contracts you can use today!
  • Simple Step by Step instructions to guide you!
  • Answers to your questions about contracts!
  • Differences between Simple Contracts and FULL Contracts!


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